Motivational Talk by Dharmavira das, pt.1

Hare Krishna! We are starting the new series of motivational videos for our group members on Facebook. Dharmavira das Prabhu has integral, that is holistic approach to life so he wants to help us advance on all levels of existence: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We hope you will enjoy and practice what is said in his motivational talks because all his words are loaded with wisdom and are coming from his personal experience.

Here is the transcription of the talk:

This is motivation talk by Dharmavira das from Radha Kund, India, on August 15th 2016.

Most people are not successful because they are not clear on what they want, or, they do not take consistent action and develop this in their nervous system. To change the quality of your life, you must have desire and commitment. Anything you focus on, on a consistent basis, you will improve. Whatever we focus on, continually, we tend to manifest in our lives. You have to know what is working for you, and you need to make the changes if necessary.

The biggest trap, that prevents people from taking action, is fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of pain, and fear of the unknown. Failure or success is not overnight. Failure to give 100% creates failure. Failure also occurs one step at a time. Most successful people fail more than anyone else.

Pay close attention to the results you are getting, and keep making changes until you succeed. Our brain is the most powerful computer, and has all the answers. What empowers you is not learning more, but taking action.

The ultimate success formula is that you have to know what your desired outcome is, because clarity is power. When you know your desired outcome, you have empowered yourself. Use it, take action. Notice what you are getting from your action.

Flexibility is power.

Pay close attention to what you are doing. If you hear anything, in three days you will forget 80 %. However, if you write it down, you will remember 75 to 80 % of what you heard.

Use role modelling to speed up your success. Demand more from yourself than anyone else. That’s how you will become a super success. Success is also attained one step at a time. Again, most successful people fail more than they succeed, and remember, flexibility is power.

We should try to do a little more every day, just like the person who lifts weights in the gym.

Everyone is driven by two factors, the need to avoid pain, and the desire to get pleasure. What can we not attain by taking action now? Advertising can change you mind in 10 seconds. Use pain and pleasure instead of having them use you. That is the secret of success.

Procrastination is a silent killer, because it grows on you. Soon it takes control of your life.

The need to avoid pain is biological. It is built into your nervous system, and your brain is going to fight like anything with anything that’s going to lead to pain.


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