Srila Prabhupada’s lecture in New Vrindavan 1972-summarized and narrated by Dharmavira das

Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on SB 1.2.9, New Vrindaban, September 7, 1972
– summarized and narrated by Dharmavira das

Srila Prabhupada’s lecture in New Vrindavan given on 7 September 1972.
Hindu dharma is not found anywhere in any Vedic literature.Our real dharma is varnashrama dharma.

Krishna says that the varnashram dharma was created by Him with the aim of getting ultimate salvation.

Human life is meant for salvation, that is, to get rid of repeated birth and death.

Varnashrama dharma is the four divisions of the social order, which is determined by the modes of material nature one has acquired. The first-class men are brahamanas due to them being situated in the mode of goodness. Next is the administrative class, technically called the ksatriyas due to them being in the mode of passion. The third class is the mercantile class called the vaishyas  who are situated in the mixed modes of passion and ignorance. And then comes the shudra class or the labourer class who are situated in the mode of ignorance. Inspite of Krishna creating these four divisions of human society, Lord Krishna does not belong to any of these divisions because He is not one of the conditioned souls.

The conditioned soul has four primary defects, he is prone to cheating, committing  mistakes, illusioned and have imperfect senses. So how can such a layman give perfect knowledge? Our principle is to receive knowledge from the perfect.

There are two categories of people, one is called sober and the other is mad after sense gratification. Even those mad after sense gratification can get pleasure by performing Krishna conscious activities.

Everyone has to work for a livelihood because you cannot live in the material world without working.

We require some money for our existence and that is a fact so our principle is to work honestly for whatever we require to maintain the body and soul together. Simply don’t work for more and more money, ‘sweeter than honey’. When I know I only require only six feet of land, why am I trying to occupy the whole world?

By becoming rich, do you think you will not have to die or you will not be attached by some disease or become old?

So what is the benefit of being rich and living like the cats and dogs and hogs only for eating, sleeping, mating and defending?

You do not need human birth to enjoy eating, mating, sleeping and defending because the animals have better facilities to enjoy eating, sleeping, mating and defending.

Krishna tell Arjuna that he has to work and Krishna never says that ‘you need not fight and go the forest and meditate’ because Arjuna was a Kshatriya and a Kshatriya duty is to protect the citizens.

In the material world you have to work very hard and you cannot think that you are a great man and you will not have to work.

The lion, the king of the jungle has to work for its food. It is not that some animal will come to the lion and say ‘My dear lion please open your mouth I shall enter’. That is not possible for the most powerful.

But the natural tendency is that we don’t want to work because the living entity is part and parcel of God and  he wants to enjoy life without working.
Just like Krishna is enjoying with the gopis and Radharani and He is not working. We never hear of Krishna going to work and bringing money and then enjoying with Radharani. We don’t want such rascal God. Even goddess Kali is working but Krishna is enjoying.

Religion or dharma is not for material benefits but to counteract hard work, frustration, fearfulness, death and rebirth.

Thank you very much. Hare Krishna!


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